Work Methods

Our work methods are based on the assumption that a well-organised group is more efficient than each individual taken separately. Our clients expect us to be more than just a translation service. A particular text is of extreme importance for our clients, therefore, Magistrai recognise the need to provide quality work time after time.


Magistrai employ ONLY highly qualified specialists:

We ensure that only highly qualified and motivated specialists are entrusted with a task. Our personnel manager provides prospective translators with a test translation, to assess their performance and to make sure that each translator meets our rigid qualification criteria.


The translators are to follow the provisions of our Quality Standard:

It is not enough for us to simply explain what we expect from our interpreters. It is necessary to clearly define what we mean by "quality work". For that purpose we have adopted a Quality Standard (QS). This internal document has 4 major parts:

General Provisions (Standard Regulations)
This chapter sets uniform requirements to:

  • form and contents of the translated text,
  • uniform and exact terminology,
  • recommendations on further actions of a translator in case certain difficulties arise.

This particular chapter allows us to assure internal discipline, suggest optimum solutions to standard situations and introduce a uniform style of work.


Inadequacy in the Meaning of the Original and the Translated Text

This particular chapter of QS sets out the acceptable inadequacy ceiling in the meaning of the original and the translated text. There is also a clear provision that in case the above ceiling is not observed the translation is deemed to be of unacceptable quality.


Cover Letter

None is omniscient. No matter what gifted and experienced people we would have in our team it would never be possible to avoid situations where they can not manage to assure impeccable accuracy. Therefore, the best solution in this case would be to inform our client about the remaining uncertainties instead of trying to keep them back. If properly informed, the client would usually know what to do next. Thus the purpose of the cover letter is to warn our client about the remaining uncertainties and the imperfections of the translated text.


The Administrative Troika

Three members of staff are directly involved in quality assurance, i.e. personnel manager, office manager and language stylist. Thus the team of the three bears the name of Administrative Troika. The activities of the Administrative Troika are co-ordinated by the Director. Every month the staff charged with quality control and the Director discuss all quality-related achievements and problems. Basing on the newest data and discussion results actions to assure a better quality of translations are foreseen. By doing so, every month Magistrai implement at least one quality enhancement measure.


We set the following sequence of actions that helps us assure the desirable result of our activities:


Step 1

order is taken and registered.


Step 2

office manager defines the type of translation service required. If needed, the same office manager indicates the required supporting material and literature and delegates the task to the translation over to the translator that is expert in the respective field.


Step 3

translator provides the translation service required, assures that desirable terminology is in place.


Step 4

the translated text is handed over to the editor. The editor proof-reads the text to make sure that the quality of the translation complies with the requirements.


Step 5

the editor hands the translation over to the office manager. The office manager makes sure that the translation complies with the requirements set in QS and informs the customer that the translation is ready.


Step 6

the editor discusses with the translator any mistakes and inaccuracies found in the text and learning points are identified.

(P.S. to get a better impression on how each order is processed, see the below scheme)

Magistrai work methods

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