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What can You do in Order to Have a Translator to do a Better Job?

Our professional translators and interpreters are at your service. Magistrai guarantee that every type of translation service will be provided by a person who is a connoisseur in its own area of activity. The majority of translators that we employ have followed a course in Translation Theory and Practice at Vilnius University. Moreover, each of them is acquainted with the provisions of our Quality Standard, which hosts the best practice of our language service, and is subject to control exercised by selected editors. In each case the company does its best to assure that its clients would get the best value for the money they are to spend on our services. There is no doubt that all of the above is enough to have a job done well.


Moreover, would you like your translation to be better than just a well-done job? If yes then we need your help. For your information, here follow a few recommendations on how you yourselves could help the translator to produce a better result.



  1. Make sure the translation reaches the translator as early as possible. Plan your activities so that enough time would be left for the translator to do his/her job properly. Please, remember that the quality of hasty job is much poorer while the price is by far higher.
  2. Usually the clients themselves are good at the specific terminology that is found in the text to be translated, so why not for you to compile a glossary of main terms that you could base on every time you need translation, editorial or legal services.
  3. In case you think that it is not expedient for you to spend a few minutes on the glossary (no doubt there might be such cases), please, provide the translator with a possibility to check the terms with you in order to choose the most suitable ones or to clarify all the existing ambiguities. You will be surprised to see how often one might come across ambiguities when working with texts.
  4. If the subject of translation is not popular enough, please, provide the translator with some additional material on the subject that would help him/her to get a better understanding of the text to be translated.
  5. In case having looked through the translated text you still have some remarks, do not hesitate to inform the translator about it so that he/she would not repeat the same mistakes again and the produced translation would meet all of your expectations. Please, do not doubt the truth that patient work and constant relations with one and the same translation team will be much more beneficial and helps to save much more money and time than running from one translation service to another by trying to back off from the required personal input into the desired final result without being able to get the service that you would desire.
  6. And remember, by helping your translator you help yourselves, too.



  1. Do not risk and try not to postpone the order for interpreting services to the very last day. The best specialists always have their time planed for a few days in advance, therefore, having postponed the order to the very last minute you will have to content yourselves with the interpreter that will manage to find time to help you and loose the possibility to enjoy the services of the most suitable interpreter.
  2. It is very often that the organisers of seminars and conferences have the possibility to get the speeches of the lecturers in advance. Thus, please, try to make sure that the interpreters get a set of speeches and slides to be used during the event at least one day before the event. This particular mode of work is extremely efficient and we have never received any complaints or remarks about the quality of interpreting services provided in cases when the speeches and slides were provided well in advance. Please, make sure the interpreters get the agenda of the event, too.
  3. Please, check whether the equipment for simultaneous translation is functioning and whether it is of suitable quality.
  4. Interpreting is a team activity, therefore, try to arrange for a short meeting of interpreters and speakers before the start of a conference or a seminar. Such kind of briefing would help the interpreters to establish a better contact with the speakers and be of help when assuring the required quality of work. In case such a briefing is not possible, please, warn the speaker that the interpreter will better get his/her message across to the audience if the speaker is clear and fluent in his/her speech.
  5. In case the goal of a meeting is to discuss concrete documents, please, make sure that the interpreter gets them well before the start of discussions.
  6. Please, do not overstrain your interpreters and provide them with a possibility to rest. It would be ideal if the interpreter would have a 5-minute break every hour. Please, make sure the interpreters have a possibility to have a snack and to rest during the lunch break and do not expect them to work all the lunch break non-stop.
  7. And remember, by helping your translator you help yourselves, too.
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