Leadership in Quality

We have always strived to be the market leaders in quality translations. We are well aware that this is not a one-time goal but rather an ongoing process. To us, being the market leaders in quality translations means continuously working towards constant improvement of the quality of the translation services that we provide.


Since our first day of operations we have highly scrutinised the selection of our translators and interpreters, a task never undertaken by any translation service before that time. This allowed us to form a team of excellent and highly experienced translation and interpretation specialists. We offered our translators and interpreters a higher pay and the opportunity to consult and have their translations edited by specialists with wide-ranging expertise. Shortly after its establishment, Magistrai started co-operating with professional Lithuanian language editors and decided to have all texts translated into Lithuanian edited by them.


In addition, we have developed special terminology unification software that allows for the accrual of customer-specific terminology and identification of specific terms in the text. By using the software we are able to ensure uniform terminology even in cases when it is necessary to have the same document translated by several translators. Moreover, the terminology unification software has enabled us to undertake large-scale urgent translations and be sure that the terminology is uniform.


We have been making major efforts to upgrade the qualification of our team. Our senior management and staff regularly attend training events. We view training as an inseparable part of their work tasks. We are convinced that only by continuously upgrading the qualification of our staff will we be able to remain as the market leaders in quality translations. Our future plans are to focus even more on staff training.


As of February 2004, all texts that we translate into the English language are proofread by a native speaker. We also work with native speakers of German and French who proofread texts translated into those languages. This enables us to provide top quality translations into the most common foreign languages.


Co-operation with the customer helps us constantly improve the quality of our translation and interpretation services. We always value customer comments, which allow us to better understand the needs of the customer and ensure the best possible quality of our services.


Our translators and interpreters specialise in the translation and interpretation subjects in which they excel. We have a team of translators and interpreters that are not only language specialists, but are also graduates of legal, engineering, medical, environmental, political, economic and other specialties offered by higher educational establishments. This is how we ensure that texts on various subjects are translated by specialists that are knowledgeable in the specific subject matter. Our translators often come across legal, financial, technical, economic and medical texts, as well as contracts, memorandums, laws, tender documents, official announcements, financial accountancy documents, speeches and other texts of the kind in their daily work. Translation of agricultural and environmental texts and documents on IT, education, food manufacturing and advertising are a common task for our translators. Company management encourages the translators and interpreters to expand their horizons by working on a wider variety of texts and subjects.


Experts in different subject areas consult our translators and interpreters on a number of subjects. These consultations enable us to produce quality translations of the most complicated and specific texts.


Translation quality and customer service have played the key role since the establishment of Magistrai in 1997. Our goal is to meet the need for quality translation and interpretation services for a variety of customers. This is why we are so pleased to see a number of government institutions, major and influential Lithuanian business entities, representative offices of foreign companies, SMEs and start-up businesses on the list of our customers. We are proud to see that over the years we have managed to achieve a great deal. Nonetheless we are constantly searching for more innovative and progressive ways to attain ever better results. This has become the passion of our team.

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